Welcome to Mr.Fox

A multipurpose Discord Bot that is sure to fit your needs.

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Main Features


Mr.Fox comes with many different moderation tools for you to use in your server, such as kick, ban, softban, warn, and mute, which will help keep your server in order.

Server Protect [Beta]

Automatically mute potential spammers, and auto-delete Discord invites with this too. Useful for preventing raids and spam attacks.


Listen to your favorite songs from YouTube, and add your own custom playlist. Includes a music queue, pause/play, and skip functions.

Editable Prefixes

Edit the prefix for your server, and make it your own.

Economy System

Become your own banker, and manage your cookies with this easy-to-use economy. Earn cookies by participating in chat, and rank up amongst your server members.

And more to come!